Watch: Live Cow offered as bait to Gigantic Lion in Gujarat, forest officials begin probe

Humans are getting worse day by day. They are worst ever creatures to live on the planet and it is disheartening to see how we are treating this planet as if it belongs to us and not other creatures who too deserve to live in their own way. But that’s not happening here. The voiceless creatures are being tormented, murdered for people’s desire.

The greedy humans have already turned the planet to a sickening stage and now they are slowing destroying the species one by one. There were so many species that were driven to extinction and now some species are on the verge of extinction which needs serious attention to preserve the species.

Potential steps should be taken soon before it’s too late. As per a recent report, over 100 million animals are killed each year by trophy hunters and states that 18 countries in Africa legalized lion hunting for the sake of trophies. Well, this is badly affecting the eco-system. But we humans don’t realise it now but only when the species become extinct.

In this article, we are not going to talk about trophy hunters but describe how greedy humans are. Recently, a video surfaced online shows that large cow was offered as a bait to a gigantic lion from Sanctuary in Gujarat. It should be noted that Gir National Park is the only Asiatic lion reserve in the country.

The video spread like wildfire across the internet. It is to be noted that the video of the incident was reportedly shot somewhere between Kodinar and Una.

Watch the video:-

The video depics a live cow tied with a rope as a bait to the hungry lion in the sanctuary. As the video plays, two bikes are seen in the video. Then seconds later, a giant lion comes rushing towards the cow only to kill the prey.

Soon after the lion kills the animal and started eating it, people in the vicinity can be seen busy taking videos and photos. In the meantime, forest department officials added that they have initiated a probe in this matter.

People took to social media to express anger where they demanded the arrest of the people who were part of the antics.