Hindu father performs last rites of his daughter who ran away with Muslim, and converted to Islam

In Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, a Hindu girl married a Muslim boy, when she returned to Mandsaur for some work, her family tried to convince her. But, when she did not agree, her father and family members shrouded her while she was still alive.

Her father stated that it has spoiled the name of Hindu society, she had dishonoured them by running away with a Muslim boy, and hence she is dead to them now. Someone recorded the video of this incident and made it viral on social media.

This incident occurred in the Nahargarh area of the Kayampur village under the Nahargarh police station in the Mandsaur district. Here, a girl named Astha Soni eloped and married a Muslim youth named Sahil Khan from Mandsaur. The girl’s relatives had also filed a missing person report at the Nahargarh police station. However, no clue was found regarding the girl. It is said that the girl had already obtained her passport before eloping. Whether she went abroad after obtaining the passport is not known.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that she had also changed her name and now goes by the Muslim name Ananya instead of Astha Soni. Since a missing person report had been filed for her at the Nahargarh police station, she had to come here to file her statement.

When the girl reached the police station and was getting her statement recorded, her relatives also arrived there. They made numerous attempts to persuade her to return home while there was still time. However, she did not agree and accepted to stay with her husband.

In the video, it can be seen that even though the girl’s family members were present and she was alive, her parents perform her last rites at the police station. They even put a garland of flowers around her neck and shrouded her. The girl’s father stated that she is now dead to them since she eloped and married a Muslim boy, bringing dishonour to Hindu society.

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