Bagpat: Maulana thrown out of Mosque after allowing a Hindu to recite Hanuman Chalisa for social unity

Following the incident of Muslim youth offering namaz inside a Hindu temple in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, Hindu people started reciting Hanuman Chalisa in the tomb and mosques in many districts of Uttar Pradesh. The police also arrested Hindu youths who did so in Mathura and Agra. When the matter of reciting Hanuman Chalisa in the mosque in Baghpat district came to the fore, the Imam of the mosque had to suffer the punishment.

Hanuman Chalisa read on Tuesday

The whole matter is of Tuesday. In the mosque of Vinaypur village in Baghpat, BJP worker Manupal Bansal recited Hanuman Chalisa and posted the video on this social media. Manupal Bansal says that he had recited Hanuman Chalisa in the mosque only with the consent of Maulana Ali Hassan, the Imam of the mosque.

Maulana was expelled from the mosque after recitation

Although there has been no dispute in the village after this incident, Maulana Ali Hasan, who allowed the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa on behalf of the mosque management, has been removed from the mosque. This decision was taken in the meeting of Muslim society on Wednesday. After the action, Maulana has gone to Loni of Ghaziabad.

Manupal Bansal said ‘Maulana gave a message of brotherhood’

On the other hand, Manupal Bansal, who recites Hanuman Chalisa, says that the decision to remove Maulana is wrong. He gave the message of brotherhood by allowing the text. He said that he has also visited the mosque earlier. Have been sitting near Maulana, but neither the video went viral nor did the action take place. After this incident in the village, the police also reached here, but seeing everything well, the police left.

Third dispute in 7 days over temple-mosque

On October 29, two Muslim youth deceitfully entered a Hindu temple in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh and offered namaz over there. The chain of controversy started since then. The police also arrested an accused in the case. The temple was washed with Ganges water. After this incident, 4 youths recited Hanuman Chalisa in the mosque located on Barsana Road in Mathura, after which all four were arrested. In Agra also, a person had recited Hanuman Chalisa in the tomb, while two people had given a saffron-colored vessel on the wall of the tomb. After this, the three youths were arrested by the police.

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