Certain people laugh at the news of 5 Indian Jawans being martyred, shameful

While the war against Coronavirus is at peak level, a piece of disappointing news came from Handwara, Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir. Six days long search operation and more than 12 Hrs long fierce gun battle resulted in the martyrdom of one decorated Colonel, a major and three brave soldiers including one jawan from J&K police. 

Last week on 28th April, Intelligence suggested the presence of some terrorists around the Rajwara forest. Acting swiftly upon the tip-off, an Anti-terrorist squad from 21 Rashtriya Rifles came into action. With the help of the police force, security forces set off an intensive search operation. It was 1st May when the security personnel and militants had the first confrontation in Rajwara forest area. But, all the terrorists showed a clean pair of heels and fled the spot. 

But, the security forces were sworn to neutralize all of them. On the next day, on 2nd May, intelligence traced the location of the terrorists following which the counter-insurgency unit of Rashtriya Rifle cordoned off the house in which the evils were hiding. It did not take a long time to the forces to find out that these coward monsters have taken some civilians as hostages. The situation was more sophisticated and challenging as the forces had to shoot down the terrorists and at the same time rescue the hostages. The elite forces of the Indian Army are nothing short of ruthless fighters & specialists who are precisely trained to act effectively in such kinds of stern situations.

A quick response team led by Colon Ashutosh Sharma took the initiative and entered into the place where the militants were hiding under the cover of innocent people. The high-voltage gun battle started between the forces and terrorists which followed by two major blasts. When the blazing guns silent and the cloud of dark smoke diffused, the success of security forces was clearly visible.  All the civilians rescued and two bullet-ridden dead bodies of terrorists including the most wanted commander of Lashkar were found. But, disappointingly, five brave hearts have also been martyred.

In this high-risk operation and terrible gunfight, we lost Colon Ashutosh Sharna, Major Anuj Sood, Naik Rajesh, Lance Naik Dinesh, and S.I Kaji Pathan from J&K police made their ways to heaven. But, what took social media by storm was the crooked behavior of some bigots who took this event with “HaHa” reaction and laughing emoji on Facebook. 

This show of shamefulness and abhorrence act came into light when some national news agency posted news of Handwara encounters on social media. In response to it Sohail Ahmed, Asif Manjoor, and more than 31 users gave the “HaHa” reaction. Some of them even did not hesitate from describing the terrorists as freedom fighters. Similarly, a few numbers of users from Delhi also could be seen enjoying the demise of five Indian soldiers. Some radicalized people also linked it to Kashmir’s freedom.

However, it is uncertain whether all mocking users are really from India or not. In this loathful event, experts also suggested the involvement of the notorious spy agency of Pakistan.  The government must look into the matter and put every anti-nationalist behind the bar. Also, the terms of using social media should be quite effective to prevent people from creating fake accounts.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.