Wife of Indian Army Soldier forced to sell on the roadside due to poor financial conditions

Understanding the struggles and challenges faced by Indian Army soldiers and their families can be challenging for many. Here is a poignant story that depicts the life of a soldier’s wife who had to set up a roadside food stall due to her financial circumstances. A vlogger released a video on social media covering her story so that they can help through social media.

Prem Kumar has shared the viral video on his Instagram page named ‘younickviral’. In the viral video, it can be seen that a woman is standing on the roadside with a small food stall. The woman can be heard saying, ‘Our family may have been shattered but the memories have not gone.’

In this video captured at the Mayur Vihar metro station in Delhi, a woman sets up her food stall. In today’s bustling urban landscape, food stalls have become a common sight on street corners, with many entrepreneurs leveraging social media to boost their sales. Prem Kumar, who is a YouTube vlogger by profession, aims to help the woman by sharing this video on his social media account so that it can help her and bring customers.

Further in the video, Prem Kumar gives some money to the woman but the woman refuses to take it, which clearly shows the honesty of the woman. The woman had no other option other than this employment, so she was forced to set up a roadside food stall at a location close to her. While all work holds value regardless of scale, numerous women find employment and support their families by establishing roadside stalls.

The viral video has received more than 6 lakh views and 50 thousand likes. After watching the video, users shared various reactions in which most of the people are praising the courage of the woman. Support and protection of such military families is an important issue in our society. The government should work more enthusiastically and seriously to provide support and assistance to these families.

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