Leopard enters villages and villagers play with him, they are now friends

A viral video circulating on social media depicts a surprising scene: a leopard calmly strolling into a village and interacting with villagers in an unusually friendly manner. Observers are struck by the apparent transformation of the normally fierce wild animal into what seems like a docile companion. However, investigations into the leopard’s behavior And the reason behind the Leopard’s slowness have emerged as something else.

Seeing the viral video, people have made many different speculations. Someone is saying that he has drunk alcohol and that is why he has become so lethargic under the influence of alcohol. Others speculate that perhaps he is scared, which is why he behaves like this. But in reality, the leopard was not behaving like this due to alcohol intoxication, but due to a neurological disorder. The video is from a village in Madhya Pradesh.

The viral video was shared with the caption, ‘Leopard in village Taragarh, forgot that he is leopard.’ In the video, it can be seen how the villagers are seen having fun with the leopard as if it were a pet animal. Fearless people caress a leopard with their hands, while some take its photos and make videos.

However, according to Aaj Tak’s fact check report, ‘during treatment at Indore Kamala Nehru Zoo, it was found that this leopard has a neurological disorder. In simple words, he has lost his memory, he has forgotten that he is a leopard, due to which his behavior has also changed. This is the reason that far from attacking the village people, he did not even roar at them.

In August, this leopard was treated at a zoo in Indore. Here he was having epileptic seizures, and his body temperature was high. The leopard was hungry for a long time and the amount of water in its body was also very less. After watching the viral video, users shared many reactions.

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