Man makes his own daughter his 4th wife- this is what daughter said

A video has been seen on social media which is also going viral. This video is also quite shocking. It shows a father and daughter who are also husband and wife. A father has made his own daughter his wife. Additionally, in the video, it is seen that the girl herself has no objection to this and she is even telling everyone why she got married to her father.

It is seen in the video that both father and daughter i.e. husband and wife are seen roaming outside in a place like a mall after some time, some journalists approach them and start questioning them about their relationship.

The girl’s name is Rabia, which is derived from Arabic which means four or fourth daughter. Journalists ask the same question to that girl what kind of coincidence is this, your name also means four, and you are the fourth wife of your father.

As per the video, she answers the question, “When I came to know that my name ‘Rabia’ means four and daughter number four. But I was the second daughter so I can’t come on the fourth, so I thought that since I have to fit in at number four, why not become the fourth wife, so I got ready for this marriage and became the fourth wife of my father.

This video reveals that the girl interpreted the meaning of her name so seriously. Whereas in reality, a name is just a symbol that does not significantly impact our identity. This conveys an important message that our identity is not defined by our names but rather by our actions, thoughts, and perspectives.

This video has been shared on Facebook by a young man named Rajendra Kumar Singh, in which it is written in the caption,” I have made my daughter my wife”. The video is becoming quite viral, till now more than 5 lakh people have watched this video and more than 7 thousand people have also shared it.

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