“Suhail Ansari opened Yoga centre, got four Hindu girls to marry Muslims, he also touch them inappropriately” Bageshwar Dham

Suhail Ansari, who is a yoga teacher from Delhi, has recently gained a lot of fame on social media. But recently he has been embroiled in many controversies and various allegations are being levelled against him. Meanwhile, a video of Bageshwardham Baba also surfaced in which he also claimed Suhail Ansari. Social media users are quite shocked after watching the video.

In the video, Bageshwar Baba expresses frustration, stating that Suhail Ansari, a Muslim yoga teacher, facilitated the marriages of four Hindu daughters to Muslim boys through yoga sessions. This is such dirty politics that through the connivance of anti-religious people they trapped Hindu daughters and got them married. My anger simmers every time such incidents occur in India today. And with this, the video concludes.

Many other similar allegations have been leveled against Suhail Ansari. Recently, Suhail Ansari has been accused of inappropriately touching his female students in his videos on social media, leading to which Suhail Ansari issued a public apology on Saturday addressing the allegations. Ansari, who asserts himself as a certified and seasoned yoga instructor, highlighted his extensive professional history, notably his representation of India at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, along with numerous international accolades in the field of yoga.

In his Instagram post on March 29, Ansari expressed regret and said that his intention was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. He further said that if anyone has any problem with any of his videos, he will delete them. Suhail Ansari has more than 1 lakh followers on Instagram and his videos get views in millions.

After watching the video of Bageshwar Baba, netizens expressed their views and shared various reactions. The viral video has been shared by Adarsh Shukla on Instagram, which has received more than 4 million views and nearly 2 lakh likes.

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