Bageshwar Baba makes controversy again says “Islam considers others Kafirs, I don’t like”

In a captivating and candid rapid-fire game during an interview with News Nation TV, Bageshwar Baba, also known as Dhirendra Shastri Ji, expressed his unfiltered views on various topics related to Hinduism and Islam. With each word, he shared his thoughts without hesitation. Although he initially refuses to play this game, later becomes a part of this game and expresses some such views. In this game, you have to express your thoughts on the given word without thinking.

When prompted with “Hanuman Ji,” Bageshwar Baba described him as a devoted servant and a revered master, showcasing the qualities of loyalty and leadership.

On the term “Hinduism,” he firmly asserted that it is the finest religion in the world, showing his strong belief and reverence towards his faith.

Moving on to “Ram Mandir,” Bageshwar Baba expressed that it represents a momentous triumph for the Sanatani Hindus in the present era, reflecting the significance of the temple for his community.

The next word, “Krishna Janmabhoomi” Bageshwar Baba thought, “Best wishes for the victory of the devotees of couple government Krishna in the coming times.” And the next word, “Islam”, Bageshwar Baba expresses his view on this, “Considering our own people as our own and considering others as infidels is not right in our eyes.” urging for mutual respect and understanding.

The next word is “Hindustan”, the best place in the whole world where even God blesses by coming, that’s why India is called Mother. showcasing his deep love and admiration for the country.

And the next word “terrorism”, Bageshwar Baba referred to it as the greatest affliction affecting the world, highlighting its destructive nature.

When asked about “Pakistan,” he characterized it as a nation that is still in its nascent stages of progress, hinting at the hope for positive change in the future.

“Election” was described as an integral part of India’s democratic system, indicating its significance in the nation’s governance.

“Politics: A Vital Pillar in Governing the Nation”. “With this, the game seems to be coming to an end and the last word is “POK”, on this Bageshwar Baba expresses his view, “India’s possession of our India’s paradise land very soon in the future.

This engaging and thought-provoking video has garnered immense love from viewers, with over 14 million people captivated by Bageshwar Baba’s candid thoughts on various topics, making it a conversation worth remembering.

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