Woman got naked on train, travellers felt uncomfortable while she recorded her private parts on camera

A distressing video is rapidly circulating on social media, showing an individual engaging in an inappropriate and offensive act on a train. The video captures a woman disrobing in front of fellow passengers and recording her private parts with her phone. Such behaviour is unacceptable and deeply shameful, especially in a public setting where people of all ages are present.

According to the video, the lady takes off her pants while sitting in her seat in front of all the passengers on the train and after getting naked takes her phone and records her private part in the phone’s camera. After seeing this all the passengers feel very uncomfortable. However, this woman keeps doing it without stopping her actions.

It is a heinous crime to do such a shameful act in a public place. People of all types, including various age groups, are present here. To carry out such an act in front of all of them is a very heinous act. A person on the train recorded a video of this woman’s actions, which may cause problems for her character.

Women are given a special place and respect in our society. There are many legal, social, and political restrictions for him, that protect his rights and struggle for his social security. But sometimes, people who misuse these rights are also found who bring shame to society. This incident in the train is also one such example which proves that we still need to work on such matters in society.

The video has been shared by an individual named Ashlea Simon on Twitter, accompanied by a derogatory caption. Unfortunately, the video has gained considerable traction, with thousands of views and retweets. The reactions from the public have been varied, with some expressing concern and questioning the lack of intervention from others on the train.

A Twitter user says, “Around those parts, such things are deemed acceptable. Did anyone call the police?”.

And another user writes, “No Shame”.

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