Honest Doctor transferred for attending Emergency patients over Rich MLA

How could a doctor receive the transfer letter for doing her job honestly? In a shameful incident, a doctor by the name of Veena Singh was transferred from her government hospital service just because that she didn’t reach out to a local MLA. Just imagine how pathetic the situation is in our country.

India Today reported that the incident happened in Karnataka on September 18 last year. Singh was on night duty and was looking after a woman in labour. She was the only doctor on duty from 4:30 pm onwards on that particular day.

Credits: IndiaTimes

The doctor, Veena Singh was actually busy that time as she was looking into some minor accident cases. The doctor was informed that around 8:30 pm a road accident happened wherein three persons had been badly injured. Knowing this is an emergency case, she had to prioritise this task.

While she was going through few patients in the labour room, she was notified by a nurse that an auto driver called and asked Singh to come to the MLA’s house as soon as he was unwell. The doctor even alleged that the auto driver was under the influence of alcohol and she told him to contact the Assistant Medical Officer over the phone. The MLA who was not well was identified as Mahadev from Janata Dal (Secular) party.

However, the driver didn’t talk to AMO on phone and left the place saying that the MLA shall come to the hospital himself. Then a bed had also been arranged to treat the MLA. What happened next was even more shocking.

Reportedly, the politician returned the next day at 7:30 am with as many as 20 to 25 followers including media. As the doctor tried to explain her situation, the man in question didn’t understand.

He even registered a complaint against her. However, the department director clearly explained that Veena Singh had done nothing wrong and refused to take any action against her. Regardless of all this, 4 months since this incident, Dr Veena Singh was shifted to a facility which is 500 km away in Chitradurga hospital.

“I was taken by surprise as this was very new to me and I was the only doctor in the hospital with patients in the labour room and causality. So, I called up our AMO [Assistant Medical Officer] Dr. Srinivas and informed him about the situation.” she wrote in a letter to the Karnataka Government Medical Officers Association (KGMOA).

(With inputs from IndiaTimes)

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