Students from abroad come to India to learn Satellite tech from ISRO scientists

India has always carried a good reputation for itself as the best country in terms of Science & Technology, Space Exploration and other factors in the build-up to the economic development. Even students from abroad are relying on India so that they would get some good exposure to satellite technology, which many believe that the stream has bright future.

Engineering graduates who are chosen from various countries will get to learn more about the technology. The interesting learning experience would begin this year and for three years, a sum of 90 qualifying engineerings from different countries will be taught to build and test three small satellites every passing year.

Credits: The Hindu via File Photo

Students will gain immense knowledge in this programme and they will be hosted in Bengaluru for two months each year and have to work in 3 annual batches of 30. India is all geared up to launch the small satellites built during the programme if they are operating well.

Indian start-ups and participants at the scheduled meeting disclosed the details of the training proposal, called the Indo-UN Small Satellites Programme (UNSSP). Indian Space Research Organisation’s Bengaluru-based U.R. Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) — until recently called as ISAC — will train the overseas students in November and December this year through 2020, according to URSC Director M. Annadurai. In the last 4 decades, U.R. Rao Satellite Centre has rolled over 100 Indian satellites for different purposes out of its facilities.

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