Bigg Boss winner Elvish Yadav says he wants to prepare for Govt exams, and become an officer

Bigg Boss winner Elvish Yadav has recently announced his next move, and the announcement is quite shocking. Elvish Yadav now wants to prepare for government exams and is dreaming of becoming a government officer. Elvish Yadav himself is giving this information in one of his vlogs, this video clip is going viral on social media and many users are also trolling him for this.

In a viral video, Elvish Yadav declares, “I’ve decided to take the competitive exams for CGL, which is for government jobs. My cousin informed me that he got recruited after clearing this exam. So, I’ve decided to take this exam. There are two papers for this exam. Today, I went through some of the previous question papers and I believe I can tackle it. I have confidence in myself.”

Elvish Yadav is a successful YouTuber and Vlogger by profession and has recently been the winner of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. Despite being successful in every way, Elvish Yadav wants to apply for a government job, this is a bit shocking and also unbelievable. And that’s probably why, after hearing this news, netizens are trolling him a lot and making funny comments on his video.

The viral video has received more than 5 million views and social media users have trolled and flooded the comments section. While trolling, a user writes, ‘Now CGL is in danger’

Another user writes, ‘Wait, brother, a new case will be filed for leaking the paper as soon as you clear the exam. ,

And another user writes, ‘But what will happen if old cases come up in background verification? ,

Users are making such comments because recently he was arrested for buying and selling snake venom. A case was registered against him under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 but he has been granted bail.

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