Telangana Mother rides Scooty for 1400km to rescue her son from another city

Amid the ongoing nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, students, who migrate to big cities from their hometowns for higher studies, are stranded. The coronavirus pandemic has created a panic situation across the country as people are not able to move.

The 21-day lockdown has come hard on students who are stuck in the cities. They are missing their parents. Guardians are worried about their children in this hard time. At this time of crisis, there are some who are not afraid of taking a risk during the shutdown.

In a surprising incident, A 48-year-old Telangana woman has driven a scooter nearly 1,400 km amid the country-wide closures to bring her stranded son home from Nellore in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. She mustered up enough courage to drive a scooter for 1,400 km amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak

The woman, identified as Razia Begum, rode her scooty over three days. At first, Begum sought permission from the administration and then covered a long distance to rescue her son who was stuck in Nellore. She did an unbelievable job to ensure her son is safe. She proved that a mother can go to any extent to protect her children even in hard times. 

While speaking to PTI, Ms Begum said, “It was a difficult journey on a small two-wheeler for a woman. But the determination to bring my son back overtook all my fears. I packed rotis and they kept me going. It was fearsome in the nights with no traffic movement and no people on roads”.

It is to be noticed that she is a headmistress at a government school in Nizamabad, about 200 km from Hyderabad.

It has been learnt that Razia Begum’s husband had died 15 years ago, after which she was living with her two sons. One son is an engineering graduate, while the other one is 19-year old who wants to become a doctor.

It is said that her son Nizamuddin had gone to Rahamatabad in Nellore on March 12 to drop his friend and stayed back there. The Indian government had already announced a complete lockdown across the country before the student could return.

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