Ravish Kumar attempts to change the name and religion of Shahrukh Khan, projects him as a Hindu Brahmin

Recently, a shocking video went viral in which an anti-CAA protester could be seen firing a pistol in the air during violence that broke out between pro and ant-CAA protesters in Delhi. 

The video shows that a 33-year-old man, who was accompanied by a mob of anti-CAA protesters, approached an unarmed Delhi police officer with a pistol. He forced the police officer to back away from the site and he also fired in front of the cop during the violence in Delhi.

The shooter was identified as Mohammad Shahrukh but NDTV Editor Ravish Kumar changed the shooter’s name from Mohammad Shahrukh to ‘Anurag Mishra’. Ravish Kumar is well known for supporting only Congress party and seems to be biased.

The gunman Shahrukh has been arrested by police but Ravish Kumar, on the other hand, claims that he has not been arrested yet. Kumar is referring to Shahrukh as Anurag Mishra. He has changed the name of the shooter. The shooter is said to be Muslim but Ravish Kumar is not disclosing his real name and religion. On the contrary, his religion has been changed to Hindu and name has also been changed from Mohammad Shahrukh to ‘Anurag Mishra’ by journalist Kumar.

Blaming the Delhi Police, Ravish said, “Police ki haalat yeh hai ki abhi tak giraftar nahin hua hai. Police saaf kehti hai ki Shahrukh hai magar aap social media mein dekhiye Anurag Mishra bataya jaa raha hai. (Situation of Police is such that they have not yet arrested him. Police says his name is Shahrukh but if you see on social media, he is called Anurag Mishra),” he says. Which is surprising because no one has referred to the shooter as “Anurag Mishra” till now.

Ravish Kumar wants Police not to call the shooter by his real name. He wants the Delhi Police to refer to the shooter as “Anurag Mishra” instead of Shahrukh. A journalist is always supposed to remain neutral and unbiased, but Ravish Kumar, who is a journalist, seems to be biased on violence against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

There is no doubt in the name of the shooter but Ravish Kumar is still spreading false propaganda on the pretext of CAA. He is misleading people by referring to Shahrukh as Anurag Mishra.

By far, the violence has claimed over 34 lives in Delhi since violent protests erupted on Monday. The violence broke out between pro and anti-CAA protesters in which over 30 people have been killed and several others injured.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.