Doctors shocked as a unique baby born with two heads and legs growing from their belly

Recently, something unusual and unexpected has just surfaced in Madhya Pradesh’s Vidisha area. A newborn boy with three arms and two heads was born to a lady. Even the Doctors were shocked to witness this occurrence because it was so rare. Doctors started to examine this unusual newborn baby right away.

21-year-old Babita Ahirwar, a resident of Ganj Basoda in Vidisha district in Madhya Pradesh, gave birth to this child. This newborn baby has two heads and three hands. This child is attached to the shoulders and its third hand is coming out from between the two heads. At present, along with this child, his mother has also been kept in ICU.

Babita, who gave birth to this child, was married about one and a half years ago and this is her first child. However, when Babita was pregnant, sonography showed the expectation of twins. Usually, this happens when the fetus does not develop properly in the woman’s womb. This condition occurs with one in one lakh. According to doctors, this is the first such case in Vidisha. Doctors of Vidisha District Hospital said that this child also has two palms in one hand. The most important thing is that this child has only one heart.

The doctor who operated for the birth of this child said ‘It was a critical operation, because we had not expected a conjoint child. The family was surprised after the operation because we had not told the mother about the joint child.

The birth of this unusual baby is a challenge for the medical world, but it also shows the extent to which science and medicine have progressed. Doctors and medical staff are making every possible effort to give this child a normal life.

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