Bhopal: 103yr old Habib Nazar marries 3rd woman, the age gap will surprise you

Mr. Habib Nazar from Bhopal, at the age of 103, has exemplified the notion that love and marriage have no age limits. Undeterred by his advanced years, he has embarked on his third marriage, showcasing that one can truly love from the heart regardless of age. The unique age of his new wife has become a source of surprise for many.

Habib, also a freedom fighter, had his first marriage in Nashik in 1918 or 1920 when he was only a few years old. He had his second marriage in Lucknow, in which his wife died. Habib says that to overcome loneliness at this stage of his age, he decided to marry for the third time.

On this special occasion, the video is going viral, in which Habib is seen sitting in an autorickshaw with the bride. People are surprised to see this unique scene, but both are overwhelmed with happiness. The most interesting part about the beginning of this new life is that Habib’s new wife is 49 years old.

The bride Firoz Jahan said that initially, she had refused this marriage, but later she decided to serve Habib. She said, “I have entered into this marriage of my own free will and I am proud of it.” Firoz said that Habib is healthy even at this age and is not suffering from any serious disease.

This isn’t the initial instance of elderly individuals getting married at such an advanced age. In Britain, 103-year-old man Kirby and 90-year-old woman Doreen got married. In Indonesia too, 103-year-old Puang Katte married a 27-year-old woman who was 76 years younger. Puang took part in the war of 1945-1949. Al-Mansouri, who lives in Iraq, married a 37-year-old woman for the third time at the age of 103. Mansoori’s wedding was attended by 15 of his children and more than 100 grandchildren. Due to Al-Mansouri’s desire to have children, they got married for the third time.

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