My Muslim boss harassed me, forced me to change religion

In modern society, there is religious mutual harmony and equality in society, but sometimes it is not so. Recently, a case has come up which is very shocking, a girl who is a journalist by profession claims that her Muslim boss forcefully asks her to convert her religion. Even the police have not yet started the investigation in this case.

An individual needs to have a safe and supportive environment in his/her workplace. But, sometimes this security and support can be in danger due to religion and mutual discrimination. Religious harassment of a Hindu employee by a Muslim boss is a more serious aspect of the problem. According to the video, the victim worked in a company named Newsection Network of Preet Vihar, and the MD of the same company, Shan Choudhary, asked her to forcibly convert her religion.

In the video, the victim says, ‘He used to say that you look like a Muslim and if you change your religion today, I will directly change your salary from Rs 25 thousand to Rs 1 lakh.’ After this, the victim resigned from the company after which her salary was put on hold for 45 days. On day 47, the victim is called on the pretext of a new section network, and that too after 4 pm. The victim reaches the office and three more girls are present in Shaan Choudhary’s cabin, ‘Riya, Roshni, and Bushra. Then all of them together put pressure on the victim girl to convert, abuse her, and also threaten to kill her.

After this, the victim runs away from there with the help of her associate and reaches Preet Vihar Police Station, but the ASI Somveer there does not register her FIR for two days. And no action is started. The video of the victim is going viral on social media, after watching which users have shared many reactions.

One user writes, ‘Religion conversion has become a business in the country. The Government of India should make strict laws on this, only then such acts should never be done again and such people should be put in jail.’

Another user writes, ‘Crores of Hindus are working in Arab countries but they were never beaten by asking about their religion. ,

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