Is Veg Biryani reality or a Myth? Is it a Pulao or really Biryani?

Biryani has a special place in Indian cuisine, and it is a popular and delicious dish that people happily prepare and eat. When we hear the name biryani, a beautiful image comes to our mind – rice filled with aroma, a fusion of spices, and mouth-watering deliciousness. A question always arises: is Veg Biryani a reality or a myth? Is it pulao or really biryani?

Till 15-20 years ago, biryani was non-veg only. But nowadays, a veg biryani stall will be found in every street and locality. But people who eat non-veg still say that veg biryani does not exist. This is veg pulao. To unravel the mystery and discern the true nature of Veg Biryani, one must delve into its preparation. Numerous online resources, such as YouTube, feature instructional videos on preparing this vegetarian delight. In one such video, a seasoned Biryani vendor shares his culinary expertise.

The process begins with the sizzle of refined oil in a pan, followed by the introduction of garlic paste, cumin, and bay leaves. The medley simmers to perfection before being doused with water, creating the foundation for the flavorful dish. Seasonings such as salt, garam masala, and green chili, are accompanied by the unique additions of soybean chunks.

In vegetarian dishes, the only two non-veg alternatives are soybean and paneer. So first soybean has been added to it. After that boiled rice is put inside it, when all these are cooked properly then it will be poured over them. Kevada is added for aroma, followed by peas and paneer. Food color enhances the visual appeal. Once cooked, the biryani is loaded into a cart, and the final plating is completed with various ingredients.

First of all, the prepared biryani is taken on the plate. After that soya chaap is cut over it. After cutting the soya chaap, chaat masala is sprinkled on it. Now their special red chutney will be poured over it. After that soya gravy will be added. On top of this, more soya will be added after your gravy. After the curd, the onion will be added. After the onion, green chutney will be added, and lemon will be squeezed over it. After squeezing the lemon, a spoonful of green chili pickle will be placed on it and onion will also be added. So many things are in one plate and then the serving is done.

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