Dubai’s more strict law against Indian tourists

The UAE government has introduced new regulations affecting Indian tourists travelling to Dubai. According to these rules, tourist visa individuals must have a confirmed return ticket upon arrival. Failure to comply with this requirement at the airport will result in denial of entry, with passengers being sent back. Airlines have been instructed to enforce these regulations rigorously.

Dubai's more strict law against Indian tourists

According to online reports, tourists going on tourist visas must have about 60 thousand rupees in their bank account and a return ticket. If the tourists do not have a minimum of 60 thousand bank balance and a return ticket, they will be sent back from the airport. Recently, 10 Indians were deported due to not having a return ticket. The UAE Immigration Department says these rules can prevent the misuse of tourist visas.

In some instances, there have been reports of Hindu tourists visiting Abu Dhabi on tourist visas but opting to stay and work there instead of returning home. Some individuals find themselves unable to afford the journey back and consequently face deportation. Under the new regulations, tourists must maintain a bank balance of over 60 thousand for stays of one month or less, and over 1 lakh for longer visits, along with possessing a valid credit card. Additionally, tourists must pre-book accommodations. A fine of 1 lakh will have to be paid for violating all these rules.

Official statistics indicate a steady rise in the number of Indian tourists visiting Dubai over the past decade. In 2023, more than 2.3 million Indian tourists travelled to Dubai, marking a notable 17% surge compared to the previous year. Tourism contributed nearly 11% to Dubai’s GDP in 2023, with Indian visitor traffic showing a substantial increase.

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