How do they make fake Paneer, quickly check the process

In today’s time, we all do not pay much attention to the quality of Paneer while buying it from the supermarket or local market. We often think that the Paneer available in the market will be clean and healthy. But, the reality can be completely different from this. In this article, you will learn how fake Paneer is made and what effect its consumption can have on our health.

According to online reports, a few days ago, 800 kg of fake Paneer was caught in a factory in Pune, and 2.5 kg of Paneer was also deducted from Mumbai. This Paneer also causes fatal diseases, there are various methods to make this fake Paneer, due to which this Paneer looks like real Paneer but in reality, it is useless fake Paneer.

First of all, the cream is removed from the milk, due to which nutrients like fat, calcium, etc. are completely destroyed in the milk This technique involves arrowroot being added to that milk. A large amount of arrowroot is used and milk becomes thick. After this, a formalin chemical is added to it. This chemical slowly starts making poison in the human body, and this chemical is added so that paneer looks white like real paneer and can be stored for many days. To curdle milk, chenna water is added.

Many factories use powdered milk instead of pure milk because this makes fake paneer soft. And it becomes difficult to differentiate between real and fake paneer. In some other factories, sodium carbonate is used instead of arrowroot to thicken the milk. This sodium carbonate is used to manufacture things like detergent and soap paper. And baking powder and palm oil are also used in it, which gives softness and whiteness to fake paneers like real paneers.

Eating such fake adulterated milk and paneer causes stomach and skin diseases. This mostly causes serious diseases like typhoid, jaundice, ulcers, and diarrhoea.

Identify fake paneer by 3 techniques:

– Try mashing a piece of paneer in your hand. If it breaks and scatters, it’s likely adulterated because the ‘skimmed milk powder’ it contains cannot withstand pressure.

-Boil the paneer in water and let it cool down. When it cools down, put a few drops of iodine tincture on it. If the color of the paneer turns blue, understand that it is adulterated.

-Fake paneer is more thick. Its texture is like rubber.

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