Nitish Kumar replies to those who call him “Dal Badlu”, Modi laughs at his speech

In the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) meeting held in Delhi, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar one hand reiterated his commitment to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), while on the other hand, poked fun at the Congress party. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar assured full support to Narendra Modi as Prime Minister. Bihar CM also touched PM Modi’s feet. The video clip is going viral on social media.

According to online reports, CM Nitish Kumar said in his speech, “Our party Janata Dal United supports Shri Narendra Modi, leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party Parliamentary Party, for the post of Prime Minister. And it is a matter of great happiness that he has been the Prime Minister for 10 years and is going to become Prime Minister again. He has served the whole country and we have full faith that he will complete whatever is left now. We will be with him all the time.”

He further says, “And for some people, we feel that whatever place you won this time, you will lose from everywhere next time. We have full faith because these people only talk nonsense and to date, they have not done any work, have not served the country.” Hearing this, PM Narendra Modi laughs loudly.

Nitish Kumar expressed his gratitude to Narendra Modi, acknowledging his dedicated service to the nation. Despite facing challenges in certain constituencies, Kumar assured Modi of full support, emphasizing the need for collective efforts to propel the nation forward. He pledged Bihar’s commitment to development under Modi’s leadership and urged for the prompt inauguration of the work. Kumar’s joy was evident as he extended thanks to all involved in the endeavor.

All the statements of CM Nitish Kumar were pointing towards the Congress, which along with the opposition parties was challenging the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. During this speech, Nitish expressed his loyalty to the BJP and said that he will remain a strong pillar of the NDA and will continue to contribute to the development of Bihar and the country. This re-support is important for the BJP, especially when the party has not got a majority alone and needs alliance partners.

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