Ojha sir becomes a fan of Sudhanshu Trivedi, says opposition leaders are afraid of him

Recently, Rajya Sabha MP and BJP leader Sudhanshu Trivedi received explicit appreciation from Ojha Sir. Ojha Sir stated that Trivedi’s persuasive oratory and reasoned reasoning are the reasons opposition leaders fear him. Sudhanshu Trivedi’s incisive and lucid remarks have consistently placed the opposition under scrutiny. Ojha Sir claims that Trivedi’s distinct demeanor and manner of speaking have earned him a special place in politics, making the opposition always on guard. A video clip of this is also going viral on social media.

In the viral video, Ojha Sir says, “Sometimes you see Sudhanshu Trivedi shouting, and when he does such hand movements, the people around him get shocked. A very strange smile remains on his face. He is an educated man and has a lot of facts. The workers of the opposition party are very scared of talking to him. Ojha Sir often mentions Sudhanshu Trivedi in his lectures and tells about many of his debates.

During a debate, an AIM spokesperson quipped, suggesting that Char Minar was likely built by your father and the Taj Mahal by another. Responding to this, Sudhanshu eloquently raises the question of lineage, noting that Babar, hailing from Mongol and Taimur ancestry, wouldn’t genetically align with Indian Muslims. But if you believe in him as your father, then some Christian says that the Parliament was built by our father. The place where your father came from is a tribal area, there is not even a bamboo minaret there, this was built by the artisans of India.

Avadh Ojha is a prominent figure in the realm of education, revered for his role as a teacher, mentor, and guiding light for numerous students in achieving their academic aspirations. Widely recognized as a leading educator in the UPSC arena, Avadh Ojha has garnered significant attention on YouTube, where his channel boasts over 150k followers and reaches millions of eager learners. As the founder of IQRA IAS Academy, he has impacted the lives of over a hundred thousand students, earning him the epithet of Guru Dronacharya for UPSC aspirants seeking success.

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