My first election after my mother’s death, PM Modi cries

The Lok Sabha 2024 election concluded successfully with a victory for the BJP. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed BJP workers at the Delhi BJP head office, expressing his heartfelt gratitude, especially towards the women voters. He shared that this election was particularly emotional for him.

“Today is an emotional moment for me,” Prime Minister Modi remarked, addressing the party workers at the BJP head offices. After my mother’s death, this was my first election. However, the nation’s moms, sisters, and daughters prevented me from feeling my mother’s absence.” PM Modi specifically thanked the women voters who supported him on this important occasion.

Prime Minister Modi began his victory address with “Jai Jagannath,” celebrating the BJP’s achievement in Odisha, where the people have empowered the party to establish the state’s administration for the first time. He expressed gratitude to the Kerala party workers who sacrificed their lives to establish a presence in the state. Modi emphasized that the Lok Sabha election results reflect the people’s unwavering trust in the BJP and the NDA, marking a triumph of the people’s confidence in democracy and the nation’s Constitution.

Modi’s BJP secures a historic third consecutive term, echoing a feat last seen in 1962. Celebrations erupt at the BJP head offices with key figures like Nadda, Amit Shah, and Rajnath Singh. Modi clinches Varanasi for the third time, triumphing over Congress rival Rai by a margin of 1.5 lakh votes. India Block leads in 232 seats, NDA in 293, with BJP alone leading in 240 seats.

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