Daughter studies in same school where her father is driver, scored full marks in class 10th and made him proud

We have heard that “Success is directly proportional to efforts”, here we see a beautiful example of this.


Ajay Kaushal, who is a van driver in a school where his daughter studies.  Ajay Kaushal was one of the proud parents whose child scored full marks in Class 10th. The results for class 10th were declared on Saturday, when his daughter was announced among one of the toppers of school.

Class 10th Board examination result is one of the most important events in the life of a student, where every student has mixed feelings of happiness, anxiety, sorrow and fear. We have got the results for Class 10th CBSE declared on June 3, 2017, where we have got a calculation of pass percentage of students 90.95% this year. Not e

very student achieves for full marks or CGPA 10, where Radhika Kaushal, a driver’s daughter worked hard and made her father proud by getting CGPA 10 in Class 10th Board examinations.

Source: Hindustan

Radhika Kaushal was enrolled at Manav Mangal School, in Chandigarh Sector 11 and enlisted among the list of toppers in city. Mr. Kaushal says that he has no right words to express his feelings for this moment. He says that he feels so proud to see that his daughter Radhika is listed among toppers in city and is lucky to have a daughter like her.

Radhika also said that her parents are “Pillars of strength” for her, as they have always motivated her for her studies and interests. She further added that; her parents always keep an eye on obstacles she gets to her studies and tries to give best education to her that they can provide. Ajay also, got emotional by saying that he will always support his daughter in her higher studies who made him proud and will always make sure that Radhika will get a quality education.

If every girl in country has parents like Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal, then no girl will remail uneducated  and I am sure they will make our country proud.

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