A woman filed a false Rape case against a soldier, only because she wanted to…

There are many rights and extra privileges provided to women to bring men and women on same scale. We get to hear many cases of taking advantage of these rights by women nowadays. Something comparable happened in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh.


A woman accused a GRP soldier from Moradabad for molesting her in running train from Chandpur to Bijnor, who was on duty. She claimed that he had molested her in Handicapped coach of the train.

Though, after a day she toured the police station to meet the confounded soldier who was seized in accusation of molestation and sealed in Penitentiary. She applied to meet the soldier and requested inspector to allow her to meet him, where this soldier denied to meet the lady.

As per the Jailer on duty, Mr. Ashok Sharma, anyone can visit anytime to meet the prisoners, but it is the prisoner himself who decides if he wants to meet the person or not. Inspector was little suspicious, why the lady wanted to meet the soldier if she confounded him for molesting her and why Soldier Kamal Shukla denied to meet her.

His doubt got crystal cleared away, when he has seen the medical reports of the woman, where she was 3 months fertile. He was shocked to see the reports of her pregnancy, and after questioning the lady she accepted finally that she has a 6 months long affair with soldier Kamal Shukla. She wanted to repress the soldier for marriage and she trapped him in this way.

She finally accepted the same in front of media, after being compelled by Police, that Soldier Kamal Shukla is uninvolved in this case and she was never molested. She also explained her plan, that she trapped him as she was desirous to marry him.

After reaching out to the conclusion of Soldier’s innocence, Inspector Sharma decided to close this case and sent the lady back to her home, making her understand that the fraudulent case can demolish her and her child’s life.

Well, this is not just a true incident but an illustration that we have many more woman like this who use these rights for their own intentions, where some get successful in their evil plans and some fail. But we must understand that if one can give these rights can snatch back too. If there is privilege provided, that privilege should be for positive only.

One fish spoils the whole pond. Humiliation can affect you in return!

Shipra is a professional writer with theyouth.in. She has completed her MBA in International Business and Finance but her passion for writing brought her here . Follow on twitter @Shisinghdh