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3 Men kill a nine month old baby and brutally rape her mother

Brutality reaches an all together different level in Gurgaon as 3 men killed a nine month old baby by clamping their hand over her mouth and raped her mother for 4 hours, as quoted by the local police.

Picture Source: NDTV

Digging a little deeper, 23 year old woman had dispute at her home, which led her leave the place midnight. After she had got molested by a truck driver on her way to her parents’ place, she got off the truck and was offered a ride by an auto.

The Auto driver alongside two of his friends attacked her and threw her infant baby out of the auto, which eventually led to the baby’s death. After they had raped her for 4 hours, those three men(Who cannot be called men) absconded and the woman rushed to the hospital with her baby.

At a Gurgaon hospital she was told that her child was dead, and she couldn’t believe it. Holding the little body, she traveled on the metro to Delhi to visit the AIIMS hospital.

Sadly, it took five days for the police to register an FIR on the gang rape. The Sub-Inspector who delayed the FIR eventually got suspended and some senior officials took her statement and took her physical examination.

Local police have released a sketch of the alleged criminals(Picture given above) and have ensured that they will be taken into custody as soon as possible. The police collected the sketches after one of the arrested men accepted his crime and revealed the names of the other two culprits, Jayesh and Amit.

This indeed is a shame on the part of our culture, which claims to be respecting women from ages. What message does this send to the younger generations of this country, who will become the future in the time to come?

Adding to this was the abysmal reaction from the Police department, who took so many days to get into the scene. Hard to understand where this country is heading with such kind of scenes repeating on a regular basis.

Written by Anuraag Peesara

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