“We will force every Hindu to chant Allah O Akbar, we will pee at your temple” says Muslim youth

Recently, an objectionable video was seen on social media in which Muslim youth were seen saying objectionable words about the Ayodhya Ram temple. The youth was identified as Irshad Khan, who is a resident of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. He has said that ‘we will demolish Ram temple and build Babri Masjid again. Along with this, Irshad has said many other objectionable words in this video and he has directly challenged Hindus.

The circulation of a viral video on social media sparked controversy among the public. Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi shared the video on Twitter, further amplifying its reach. Subsequently, the authorities became aware of the situation, leading to the detention of Irshad, along with his friends Ajmal and Bhura. Legal action has been taken against them, with the police filing charges under sections 505(1), 295A, 502, 153A, and 66, resulting in their incarceration.

More than 4 lakh people have viewed the viral video and has received more than 6 thousand likes. After watching the video, users flooded the post with comments. And while expressing their views, everyone also shared many types of reactions.

One user writes, ‘Such jihadis should be in jail who are using abusive language for Lord Ram. Nipur’s sister did not say anything about the Quran, she said only what was written. When did such a ruckus happen for such jihadis? Action will be taken. ,

Another user writes, ‘Kindly take strict action against the culprit, he is abusing our religion and honorable PM.’

Another user writes, ‘Such youth are doing nonsense to attract attention instead of thinking of building a good future, such people should be caught and given severe punishment so that other people with similar mentality always remember and be alert. What will be the consequences of insulting Sanatan and other religions in India?

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