Hindu youth converted to Islam to marry a girl, ended up joining terror group ISIS, got killed

British Islamic State executioner by the name of ‘Jihadi Sid’ died in a drone strike in Syria. Security officials believe that ‘Siddhartha Dhar’ was killed along with his wife and five children in the Syrian city of Raqqa last year.

The 35-year-old Dhar was effectively used as a recruiting tool by ISIS propagandists following the death of fellow Brit Mohammed Emwazi also known as Jihadi John.

Credits: Daily Mail

A 10-minute clip of Dhar directing execution of 5 shackled men came to light in January 2016. Dhar accused his victims of being British spies.

He was filmed menacing then-Prime Minister David Cameron and called him ‘stupid person’ before shooting a prisoner in the back of the head.

Dhar who is an ex-bouncy castle salesman from Walthamstow in East London was the chief assistant to hate preacher Anjem Choudary who was released from prison.

The security sources told the media- ‘The Sun’ that it was impossible to be so sure of Dhar’s death without the evidence of British boots on the ground.

But according to one source ‘British nationals have been consistently warned against travelling to Syria’ as it is ‘a dangerous place’.

However, the news of Dhar’s death comes after months without any sign of the terrorist. As per the sources, he may have died along with wife Aisha and children in a drone strike on a Syrian battlefield.

The deadly strike is believed to have been targeted at Islamic State fanatics as their capital i.e. the city of Raqqa, fell last year.

It has been learnt that Dhar was born in London to a Hindu family. His friends call him as ‘Sid’, who was under the influence of alcohol and dreamt of becoming a dentist. But he was converted to Islam in his early age and then radicalised by Choudary’s banned Al-Muhajiroun group.

He then renamed himself to ‘Abu Rumaysah’ before being detained with Choudhary and others on the account of terror charges, only to skip bail.

He then escaped with his pregnant wife along with his four children to Paris in 2014, where they travelled by coach so as to avoid detection. From Paris, they managed to reach Syria. Once in Syria, pictures came to light of him holding his newborn son while carrying an assault rifle.

In 2016, a 17-year-old Yazidi refugee claimed that she was abducted and trafficked by Dhar, who also raped refugee girls.

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