Woman Gangraped While Bathing In Holy River Ganga, Police Traps Two After Video Goes Viral

In yet another horrific case of cruelty against women, a 45-year-old woman was gang-raped in Patna, while she was taking a bath in the sacred river, Ganga. Ganga is perhaps the holiest river in any religion and it is also worshipped as a deity in Hinduism. But little did everyone know a shocking incident would happen on September 30. The incident was then recorded on camera and was widespread on social media.

Reportedly, Patna police (of late October 2), caught the two accused who are identified as Shivpujan Mahto (45) and Vishal Kumar (28), natives of village Jalgovind under Barh police station area. The Times Of India reported the police as stating that the Mahto is a bus driver while Vishal is unemployed.

Credits: Patrika

The shocking incident reportedly took place between 10 am and 11 am on Sunday when the woman was taking a bath in river Ganges at Simar Ghat. The wrongdoer pulled the victim, out of the water and raped her. Reportedly, the woman kept begging for mercy to the accused and pointed out that Ganga which she referred to as “mother”. Paying no attention to it, the other one captured the incident and later spread it on social media.

Rural Superintendent of Police, Anand Kumar told The Times Of India that Shivpujan raped the woman while Vishal shot the crime video. He said adding that the woman, who is a mother of three, suppressed her unpleasant experience and the incident only came to the light when the police learnt that the video which was circulating online.

Reportedly, it was only after arresting the victims that she was all set to give a statement to the police. However, the locals alleged that when the woman went to the police station to register a complaint against the two men, the policemen snubbed to register an FIR. The SP said that they were not able to find the video in the arrested men’s phones and are doing forensic tests.