Who is Hindustani Bhau, How he earns and How much he earns?

Hindustani Bhau is also known as Vikas Fhatak who is today a social media influencer. Bhau is a popular Indian YouTuber whose number of subscribers is in millions. After seeing his popularity on social media, Bhau was invited to participate in the popular reality show Bigg Boss. Following which, Bhau participated in the last season of controversial reality show Bigg Boss. Even though he didn’t win the show, he emerged out as one of the most loved contestants of the season.

Hindustani Bhau has carved out a reputation for himself as a rising star on social media. Bhau lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra with his parents, wife and son Aditya. He is very close to his family and it is quite evident from his videos. How many of you all know that Vikas Fhatak also worked as a waiter when he was in class 7. Besides, He used to go from house to house selling incense sticks.

As far as Hindustani Bhau’s income is concerned, he doesn’t reveal his salary, earnings, net worth on social media. But we can infer his wages with the fact that he has more than 7 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. The Youth tried hard to get details of his income but we couldn’t find.

You will be surprised when we tell you that internet sensation Bhau used to be a crime reporter in a time. He used to work for a local news paper. For this, he has also received the Best Chief Crime Reporter Award in the year 2011.

Vikas aka Bhau is married to Ashwini Pathak. Bhau is very fond of bikes. You will be surprised to know that Bhau also has his own NGO, whose name is ‘Aditya Yuva Pratishthan’.

Bhau came into limelight when he uploaded a video against anti-national people which went viral on social media. In the video, he hurled abuses at anti-national people. In the video, he used slang words, but people like and enjoy his videos very much. His great dialog is “Nikal la*de! Pahli fursat se nikal”. His aim to shoot this type of videos is that he wants to give a reply to those people who hurl abuses at India.

Recently, Bhau emerged as a real hero for migrant workers. A video went viral on social media like wildfire in which former Bigg Boss contestant Bhau was seen serving food to the poor and daily wagers. Vikas aka was also seen distributing masks to healthcare workers and needy. Bhau shared pictures of food distribution and captioned it, “Ek chotisi Madat Jaruratmando ke liye bas Dua main yaad rakhna (sic).”

Hindustani Bhau stands in solidarity with the nation and has supported India to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Vikas Fhatka aka Hindustani Bhau of Bigg Boss 13 fame also came forward to feed the street dogs during the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. His social media account was flooded with love and appreciation. social media users showered praises on him for the kindness act.

Earlier, Bhau made a shocking gesture by deleting his TikTok account, which took everyone by surprise. There is a specific reason as to why Hindustani Bhau deleted the account and he did this in support of CarryMinati whose video had been removed by YouTube India on the grounds of cyberbullying and many such Youtubers who made roast videos.

In the video clip, Hindustani Bhau showed that he has a massive 1.5 million followers. Nonetheless, he specifically mentioned that he does not bother too much about TikTok and also called YouTube and Instagram his family. Hindustani Bhau publically deleted his account and also uninstalled it from his mobile amid the war between YouTube and Twitter. The entire scenario was captured by him and posted on his Instagram page.

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