Small Muslim kids were used to cast votes against BJP

The election climate in India has always been sensitive, where various parties raise various issues during campaigning and voting. This time a new and serious allegation has come to light that minor Muslim kids have been used to cast votes against the BJP. This allegation came to light when some videos and pictures went viral on social media, where vote ink marks were seen on the fingers of minor kids.

A post is going viral on social media in which two minor Muslim girls have taken a selfie photo showing their Inked vote mark. Looking at the girls, it is clear that they are below 18 years of age. And as we all know, voting is an important right in Indian democracy which gives citizens the freedom to choose their government. Only citizens who have completed 18 years of age in India have the right to vote.

In the viral picture, two Muslim girls are clearly below 18 years old, as can be seen from their faces. Both the girls wearing hijab are getting photographed showing their Inked vote marks with broad smiles on their faces. This picture was shared by an Instagram page named knowledgeofsanatan. Seeing the viral picture, social media users claimed that similarly fake votes were cast using minor kids under the cover of burqa. Some users are saying that there is no scam in EVM this time.

A user wrote, ‘Brother, a lot of fake votes have been cast and the name of many Hindus was not in the voter list.’

Another user wrote, ‘These leaders with low thinking and lazy attitude use them. These leaders and their party do not have any development agenda, they use their garbage-filled heads to distribute the tax money to the public for free. Even after doing this, they lose and remain street-smart.’

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