Pak soldiers beat Afghan kids because they live in their land

Pakistani soldiers were seen crossing the limits of cruelty when a video went viral on social media. Pakistani soldiers beat an Afghan refugee child very brutally. On one hand, Pakistani people keep crying day and night for the children of Gaza, and on the other hand, the Pakistani people are completely silent about the oppression of Afghan children.

According to the information received from the viral video, the Afghan military-controlled government is expelling refugee Afghan children from Afghanistan. Pakistani soldiers are beating young Afghan refugee children because those children are living in Pakistan. It is a very shameful act to harass someone weaker than you.

According to the viral video, a minor child aged 5 to 6 years has blood all over his mouth and hands and is extremely scared. He says, “A Pakistani soldier hit me with the help of a weapon.” He is asked, “Were you killed by a Pakistani soldier on the border?” That child agrees to this. This conversation is recorded in a video and it goes viral on social media. The video depicting the brutal treatment of Afghan refugee children by Pakistani soldiers is deeply concerning and requires immediate attention from international organizations.

More than 50 thousand people have watched the viral video and different types of reactions are coming in. One user writes, “It’s pathetic to pronounce the name of the state like Pak who has no empathy for children! Ooops and shameful”

Another user writes, “It’s a message for world Muslims regarding the Pakistani government’s sympathy for the world’s Muslim brothers. jai bharat”

Another user writes, “Pakistan of double character. Which itself is a terrorist-nurturing country. It is torturing children. Shame on you.”

Another user writes, “Narendra Modi shouldn’t remain a mute spectator to the sufferings of Afghans. We should help their Govt to tide over the current crisis.”

Another user writes, “What is this? A Muslim here is trying to kill a Muslim. Perhaps this is his real face.”

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