Coolie worker Fined Heavily For ‘Over Speeding’ A Bicycle & Riding without Helmet

Get ready to pay fine if you wish to ride a bicycle at a swift pace. The problem doesn’t end here. Even if you don’t have a helmet with you while riding a bicycle, you should have to pay a fine according to some Kerala police. One of the guys, identified as Kasim, a UP resident living in Kerala’s Kasaragod district has had a terrible experience when he was pulled up by highway Police in Kumbala.

Claiming that he was moving at a rapid pace and overspeeding, the cops asked Kasim to pay a hefty fine of Rs 2,000. The guy is a migrant worker whose daily income is Rs 400 explained that he did not have the money. Knowing this, the cops handed him a challan or Rs 500. After that, they allegedly flattened his bicycle’s tyres.

Credits: India Times

On the receipt given to Kasim, the cops have specified someone else’s vehicle’s registration number of a scooter owned by a woman. The shocking incident which happened four days ago and the matter came to light after Kasim posted a video on social media explaining about the incident.

People, after coming to know this, was not really pleased with the wat Kasim was treated. The incident became viral all over the social media and the District Police Chief had also ordered an investigation into it. If local media reports are to be believed, the investigation has found the SI guilty of the act and he is expected to face departmental action.

We all know that Bicycles do not come under the Motor Vehicle Act in India and as a result, one does not need any kind of license to ride a bicycle. Any person irrespective of age can ride a bicycle on the public roads without a genuine driving license. Nowadays, even motorised electric scooters do not require valid licence up to a certain power rating.

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