Pakoda seller surrenders 60 lakh to Income Tax Department

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a TV interview, said that selling pakodas was a form of employment as it is far better than being unemployed. Panna Singh Pakorewala hailing from Ludhiana is setting one such example! The work which he is doing might be simple but the revenue that he is generating is worth applauding.

People might think he is hardly making some money but the reality is that he is making more money than the professional engineers and doctors. After reading this, people might consider opening a store to sell pakodas in free time. Popular among the Ludhianvis as ‘Pannu Pakorewala’, Panna Singh Pakorewala surrendered a mind-boggling amount of ₹60 Lakh to the Income Tax department on Friday.

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The raid was done by the Income Tax Department, that saw a day-long survey on Thursday. As per the inputs from The Times of India, there were “complaints of suppression of income” against Panna Singh that led to the raids.

The IT department first conducted a raid in his first outlet and his second shop by the name of ‘Pakora Outlet’ in Model Town was invaded next.

The financial records of the enterprise were inspected accordingly. The accurate annual tax and liability of the enterprise were thoroughly analyzed by the IT department by monitoring the daily sales. After that, they were then cross-checked with the enterprize’s income tax returns and the tax deposited by them.

Panna Singh started his Pakoda venture back in 1952 with a small shop at Gill road. In just a matter of years, the shop attracted many customers and his shop has been the talk of the town in Punjab and other states because of its crunchy ‘Paneer Pakodas’ and ‘Dahi Bhalla’. On top of that, he has a wide range of customers which include politicians, bureaucrats, businessman, policemen etc.