Anand Mahindra shares video of ‘driverless bike’, Twitter issues red flag

They say some unbelievable things happen only in India because we are the only people in the world to take creativity to a whole level. Many of us might have figured it out. Even the foreigners are mesmerised by our intelligence not just in academics or sports but in the entertainment segment as well.

In a recent incident, a man was seen riding his bike just by sitting in the back seat. The man stole the spotlight for the epic stunt that he performed. A commuter who was travelling on the opposite side of him caught the whole scene on his mobile camera.

The video of a man displaying stunts has already been shared on social media and it went viral all over the internet circle.

However, doing these stunts, particularly on the highway is deemed contrary to road and safety rules. Let’s not do these stunts to draw the attention of the public especially on National Highway roads in India. It may be entertaining but at the same time, it’s risky as well.

In fact, industrialist Anand Mahindra on Tuesday shared a video of a man riding a ‘driverless’ motorcycle and left the internet puzzled.

An undated 30-second video clip tweeted by a user and later retweeted by Anand Mahindra shows a man speeding on the pillion of a motorcycle on a highway. Interestingly, there is no driver in the first place. The man is sitting with his arms crossed with both his legs on on side.

“Yeh jaadu kaise, yeh jaadi kya hai (how is this magic, what is this magic),” a man from other vehicle can be heard asking.

“Prabhu ki kripa, gaadi kaun chala raha hai? (God’s grace? Who is riding the vehicle?)”

The man on the bike comfortably sits on the pillion with a big smile on his face. “Love this…Musafir hoon yaaron… na chalak hai, na thikaan,” Mr Mahindra said in his tweet.

Watch the video:

Meanwhile, some users were not happy with Mahindra promoting this video. “Mr Mahindra with due respect, you shouldn’t be promoting any such idea, which is may cause an accident. This isn’t funny. This is dangerous,” a user said.

“This is risky stunt ride. We shouldn’t appreciate such act with no preventive safety in place first. Would have appreciated a tweet, with the instructions to follow a safety disclaimer to not attempt such stunt withot wearing a riding gears,” another person tweeted.

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