This Collector From Chhattisgarh Got His Daughter Admitted To Govt School to shatter taboo

The education system in India is something we don’t take a lot of pride in. Every day there are stories about teachers absconding from government schools and lack of poor infrastructure. We come across numerous incidents where kids, going to government schools, face inconveniences which can be an obstacle to their bright future.

However, what we don’t understand is that the change needs to begin with us. When we start giving government schools the right kind of importance, they will ensure that the students studying there get the right kind of education. We expect the quality of education from private schools and hence the government schools get neglected.

This Collector from Kabirdhaam, Chhattisgarh is setting a new example in front of us. He can afford the highest quality of education for his daughter but he decided to get her admission done in a Government School. His daughter is now studying in the same school from where Chhattisgarh’s CM Dr. Raman Singh finished his schooling from.

Even when Avinash Sharan was the Collector of Balrampur, his daughter was a student of the Govt. School and now when he is posted to Kabirdhaam, he decided to continue her education from the same.

His belief in the system is what we as citizens need to inculcate and implement. When people like him start to put their children in Govt. Schools, their standards are bound to rise and that’s the kind of change we need.

In order to bring about a revolutionary change in the country, we need to start believing in it and show support and that is exactly what Collector Avinash is doing.

We salute him for his initiative and wish for a very bright for his daughter!

Sukriti Hora
A perpetually confused soul who seeks solace in words. Lover of poetry and dogs. An old soul stuck between "boomers" and "millennials". A strong believer in "what is my right, could be your wrong".