IIT Brain discovers a new technique that saves lakhs of rupees by building this house

In a world of dependent people, there will always be a small spectrum of independent thinkers who love to take their creativity to a different level. The 71-year-old Suresh’s story needs to be told. He is someone who does not depend on others for livelihood because he has everything in his house to make him look so comfortable.

It’s not about the luxury but about other things that he is experiencing it in real life which we are not. Well, his story is bound to give you thrills and chills. Suresh who always had an eye for creativity built a Self Sustainable House which produces Air, Water, Food & Gas. Yes, you read it right!

71-year-old Suresh (Credits: Greenpeace Twitter Official)

He is not like most of us who affords the domestic needs from outside but who can produce whatever he needs at his home itself. He is reaping all the benefits from the self-sufficient house that he has built. We can see the likes of biogas plant, standalone rooftop solar power plant, and vegetables that are grown in his backyard.

Suresh is least bothered about power cuts anymore when he has a solar power plant installed on the rooftop solar power plant. He doesn’t have to run to shops to buy veggies when he can mash his potatoes that he can produce in his own garden.

Living in Chennai’s Kilpauk with his family, the IIT-Madras and IIM-A graduate, Suresh is an epic inspiration to many across the country. He was highly influenced by various Germany trips, where he came to know that normal people over there depend on efficient solar panels.

“I witnessed many rooftop solar plants in Germany during my visits. And if a country with a lot less sunshine can install them, why not in India, which has solar energy in abundance?” he says.

Credits: Green Energy

Seeing this, Suresh decided to do something which no one has not done before in his city. By January 2012, Suresh had installed a 1 kW plant and was producing sufficient rooftop energy. The same installation increased to 2kW by April 2015 where it is capable of operating 11 fans, 25 lights, a washing machine, two computers, a water pump, two televisions, a mixer-grinder, inverter AC and a refrigerator.

“The bigger names like Tata BP Solar, Su Kam and others did not show any interest or encouragement. But I managed to locate a local vendor with a wealth of knowledge and sharing my enthusiasm. I toiled hard for over a year to manufacture and design the solar power plant for my home,” he explains.

“This plant generates electricity even during mild rainy days – since it depends on the UV rays falling on the panel and not the intensity of heat or light. On extremely heavy rainy days – though rare in Chennai – the load is supplied by batteries, which are charged by solar and not by a grid,” Suresh narrates.

Credits: Lowfatveganchef

In an interview with the Hindu, Suresh said that he has not experienced any power cuts and current consumption after his installation became a huge success.”After its installation, I have not experienced any power disruption and my electricity consumption, through the conventional EB source, has come down perceptibly,” said a proud Suresh to Hindu.

The capital cost of this installation is estimated to be Rs. 2.5 lakh provided through the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA). According to Suresh, the installation is bound to change people’s lives telling it that the concept is affordable coming with a six percent tax-free return with battery replacement. “It is a sustainable, affordable, viable project, presently giving over six percent tax-free return including battery replacement,” he explains.