Major Mohit Sharma killed 4 terrorists, rescued 2 teammates – Salute this brave officer

With increased terrorism from the neighbouring country, fatal threats from other sources and so many revolts that keep ticking the clock day in day out, our country is safe and sound, thanks to the Indian soldiers. We”ll forever be indebted to their services for the nation.

Day by day, the respect towards the Indian Army is increasing and we couldn’t have asked for a better protection from them who maintain a permanent military base in the region at an altitude of over 6,000 m. Indian soldiers are the real heroes who risk their lives to give real-life protection to their nation. They are considered among the very best in high altitude and mountain warfare.

Mohit Sharma (Credits: Defensive Lover)

Meet Call of Duty Mohit Sharma – Salute his bravery:

Mohit Sharma was a specialised Indian Army Officer of 1st Para at Special Forces. Mohit Sharma lived like a fierce warrior where he was known for the knack of getting the better of guerrillas in jungle terrain having spent four years in Jammu & Kashmir. On 21 March 2009, Mohit Sharma created history when he engaged in a fierce encounter with terrorists in the Hafruda forest of the Kupwara sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

His sheer presence of mind helped him kill four terrorists to rescue two teammates on the battlefield. In the process, Mohit Sharma himself sustained multiple gunshot wounds and finally succumbed to painful injuries. For this bravery, he was posthumously awarded the Ashoka Chakra, which is the highest peacetime military decoration in India.

The gallant Indian Army officer was awarded two gallantry decorations earlier in his colourful career. The first one was the Chief of Army Staff’s commendation card for spectacular counter-terrorism duties during Operation Rakshak and the second one was “Sena Medal” for gallantry after a secret operation in 2005. Major Mohit Sharma’s wife Major Rishima Sharma is also a potential Army officer by trait and she is now continuing Mohit’s legacy of service to the nation.

After receiving genuine information about the terrorists creeping in dense Haphruda Forest, Mohit Sharma approached with his decisive strategy and led his commandos in tracking them. On observing suspicious movement, he alerted his sergeants but unexpectedly terrorists fired from three directions.

In the fierce attacking process in exchange of gunshots, four commandos were wounded on the spot. Seeing this, Mohit Sharma crawled and recovered two soldiers to safety. Despite the fire, he threw grenades and killed two terrorists but was shot in the chest. Shots on his chest didn’t stop him from escorting the commandos.

While the encounter continued, he killed two more terrorists and during the process, he drew his last breath fighting with pride and sacrificing his life for his motherland in the finest traditions of Indian Army. He will forever be remembered by the Indians for the courageous fight that he put up to rescue two teammates by killing four terrorists.

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