Policeman carries Pregnant lady in his arms to Hospital after Ambulance fails to reach on time

In what was an extraordinary tale of heroics, a policeman in UP’s Mathura carried a pregnant woman in his arms to the district hospital after an ambulance failed to reach on time. Policeman set a great example what others should take note of.

Many people lost their lives due to ambulance delays and this policeman stepped forward to help the woman who needed big help. Let’s appreciate him for his humanitarian work. This incident happened on September 14 when the policeman, identified as Sonu Kumar was at the Mathura Cantt railway station and he stumbled upon some disturbance over there.

Credits: India Times/ Twitter/ANI Photo

On investigating upon the matter, he came across a pregnant woman facing labour pain at the station. The policeman who was on his way to the court, quickly rushed to the spot to help her and called an ambulance.

Even after calling the ambulance, it failed to reach the destination. So, Sonu Kumar decided to take the woman to the nearest medical centre on an e-rickshaw. After reaching there, he was told that the pregnant lady needs to be admitted. The police officer then asked for a stretcher but unfortunately, it was unavailable.

Seeing the lady’s critical condition, deteriorating condition, Kumar, without second thoughts carried her in his arms and took her to the district hospital. “I saw the woman was in pain and her husband was asking people for help. I called for the ambulance, but it wasn’t available. So I took her to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby,” said Kumar.

Thankfully, the woman, identified as Bhavana delivered a baby boy in the hospital. She is known to be a resident of Ballabgarh and her husband Mahesh endlessly thanked the police officer for saving the lives of both the woman and her child. “We are really thankful to the police officer for his help,” said Mahesh.

This police officer is a role model to the UP Cops. Hats off sir. officers like him are the real heroes of the country. Efforts like these make us salute you. Your actions speak huge volumes and we shall forever be indebted to you for the services you carry out for the nation.

Kindly forward this article to others and make his policeman famous. He deserves maximum appreciations from us. The Youth salutes this cop for displaying stellar heroics at the place and at the right time.

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