Not Germany, Not Brazil, David Beckham predicts finalists of FIFA World Cup 2018

Former England captain David Beckham made the headlines recently for predicting finalists of FIFA World Cup 2018. The most-viewed sporting event took the world by a sensational storm on June 14. Russia, the hosts of the competition announced its arrival in style by clinching the tournament opening encounter against Saudi Arabia by 5 goals to nil.

The other teams such as Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Portugal didn’t have the best of starts and are expected to pick up the pace soon. Germany, the defending champions in particular, are in the heat of the scrap now following their first match loss at the hands of Mexico.

Credtis: Wikipedia

According to David Beckham, Argentina and England will be the only two teams that will compete for the World Cup title in the finals on July 15. However, he said that he is being ‘biased and passionate’ about his own country. He backed his own country to win the tournament this time.

Beckham further added that England is a young team that lacks experience and the tournament will only get tougher as the game progresses. England won their opening encounter against Tunisia by 2-1. It will be quite interesting to see how The Three Lions respond to the game in the times to come.

“I believe Argentina will play against England in the final,” David Beckham predicted at an event to promote China’s largest collegiate football league. “I think obviously my choice would be England to win the competition, but that’s me being biased and passionate about my country,” he added.

“I’m very happy that we won the first game in the group,” he said. “England is a very young team, they don’t have a lot of experience yet and the journey of the World Cup will become harder and harder because there are many good teams in the tournament.”

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