10 Times Bollywood stars gave controversial statements, read all of them

Bollywood industry has largely been influenced by people who haven’t heir link-ups in the film industry. The so-called star kids of already established ones are already in the headlines for all the reasons and are allowed to stay there despite their success or failure. On the contrary, talented ones are struggling to set their feet.

Case in point, the fans often hear something interesting or dirty as far as Bollywood is concerned. It is not just about nepotism but it is something else. Bollywood celebrities have experienced one night stands and have also admitted in public.

Actors and actresses in the Bollywood film industry are very well trained to talk about everything according to what the public image they are actually trying to portray. At times, celebrities pass comments or make remarks that are unexpected and bold.

Let’s take a look at 10 such actors who came up with random comments and confessions:

Ranbir Kapoor

“I grew up watching B-grade porn movies.”

Salman Khan

“I am a virgin, I will save myself for the one I get hitched to.”

Rani Mukherjee

“I am happy my husband is not like Karan Johar.”

Shahid Kapur

“If my director wants me to work with a cow or a buffalo, as an actor, I am ready to do it.”

Sidharth Malhotra

“Kissing Alia was boring. Deepika Padukone. Hopefully, people will enjoy that. And me too.”

Deepika Padukone

“I’d like to gift a pack of condoms to Ranbir (Kapoor) because he uses them too much.”

Vidya Balan

“I paid bribe for my new house.”

Kangana Ranaut

“Every time a relationship doesn’t start on a note that there is clarity of things. May be time pass for my age or stage is a lighter term. But I would like to date and I am open to time pass romances.”

Sunny Leone

“Many A- Listers Refuse To Share Screen Space With Me, Many Wives Don’t Want Their Husbands To Work With Me. I Just Want To Tell Them – Woman, I Don’t Want Your Husband Because I Have My Own.”

“I Have Had One Night Stands, Who Hasn’t?”

Neha Dhupia

“Only Shah Rukh Khan and sex sell in Bollywood.”