son of a watchman found lost diamonds on road, and then he…

Honesty is the best policy they say, but how many of them really follow and stick to it? Quite a conundrum that, isn’t it? But each and every individual should read this story about a 15-year-old boy living in poverty, who had a chance to turn rich by using negative means, but he instead chose to be honest and earned a reward.

Picture Source: Times of India

Vishal Upadhyay is a 15-year-old kid living in Mahidhapura’s Jadakhadi, is the son of a watchman and is currently studying his 9th standard. Whilst playing cricket on the streets with his mates, he found something unusual on the streets on the 15th August. He soon realized he was holding diamonds in his hand, whose worth is almost Rs. 40 Lakh.

He took the packet home and kept it safe with him. When the owner of these diamonds came searching for it, he decided to return them honestly and the owner was elated to see his stuff back in his hands. He rewarded the youngster with a cashprize of Rs. 30,000/- and later, he received Rs 11,000 by Surat Diamond Association (SDA) president Babu Gujarati for his honesty on Saturday.

“I am so indebted to the young boy for returning my diamond packet. It would have been a big loss, had I not found the packet. I would have to sell my house to repay my creditors. The boy saved me and my family,” Mansukh Savaliya, the owner of these diamonds said.

The youngster who teached a lesson to all the citizens of this country with his honesty, said he once lost a Rs. 50 note given by his mother and knows the pain of losing things. Hence, when he found the sachet of diamonds whilst searching for the ball in the parking area, he kept it safely and waited for the owner to return and ask for it.

After Mansukh had researched the CCTV footages, he decided to search in the area where Vishal lives and he got back what belonged to him. “I returned home and kept the packet safely without informing my parents. I thought I would find the rightful owner and return the packet to him. On the third day, the packet owner came looking for the packet. I heard the conversation and immediately followed him. I told him that the packet was with me,” said Vishal, whose mother stitches clothes and elder brother works in an accountant’s office.

“I remember losing a Rs 50 note in the street given by my mother. That day I could not eat. I kept on thinking about the pain and agony through which the person who lost the diamond packet may be going through,” the 15-year-old added.

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