Once he used to wash utensils in Hotel, today he is owner of more than 50 restaurants

A child from a very poor family has seen all colours of life, he was born and raised in a village where there was no bus stop, still, he managed to study till class 7th from a government school.

The boy whose financial situation was not so good, due to which he left his studies and started to find a job for which he decided to move to a city. He found a job of cleaning tables and picking uncleaned utensils, just to have 2 meals for his survival.

His boss often scolded him for improper work. He started his life sleeping on the floor and in few days, he learnt to make good tea because of which he started his own tea shop with the help of his father and brother in small slum area K.K. Nagar in Chennai.

In few months, he has turned the same shop to a hotel and started serving good food items in budget rate. He named it “Saravana Bhavan”, which was a grocery shop until 1979. This boy is no one else but the owner of “Saravana Bhavan”, P. Rajagopal who has started his own hotel from a small tea shop.

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Chennai was not so developed at that time, and Rajagopal had already measured the development situations in City and decided to start his venture. He served good food at normal rates which really attracted people a lot and he got publicity so easily.

He also dealt with the loss of Rs 10,000 but he got successful in earning his place in people’s heart. People started ordering food online and hotel started gaining. Rajagopal went to Singapore in 1992, to learn few food management and food chain models in the market.

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Now, in today’s trend, “Saravana Bhavan” is a big brand name in food quality, in Chennai because today too they serve amazing quality of food at low cost, which is in the pocket for everyone.

Rajagopal is an example for those who get frustrated with their lives tough situations and truly is an inspiration.

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