Kid who used to wash cars for Rs.1 now trains bollywood celebrities- TheYouth story

People come here from different parts of the globe just to live the life they have been dreaming of since ages. Yes! The place can be none other than “Mumbai- The City of Dreams”. But as not everything comes easy, making a career in this busy metropolitan life is not everyone’s cup of tea.

People belonging to a non-filmy background find it just next to impossible to make their mark in this world full of glamor and fame. Such a person who is capable of setting his benchmark in “Bollywood” is no less than a hero in real life. Let us unveil the unspoken and struggling past of Vikram Swain who now, not only choreographs for the top-notching actors but is also their personal gymnastic trainer.

Picture Source: Incredible Orissa

Born in a Naxalite-prone village in Orissa, he and his younger brother were forced to live in an orphanage in spite of their dad’s existence. To make the ends meet, Vikram started working from a very tender age. This nine-year-old worked as a gardener for a daily wage of Rs.14 and fed both of their stomachs. He had seen poverty since childhood and wanted to come out of its cycle at the earliest.

After following this routine for years, he left to the city of Surat. As this place is famous for embroidery, he put his hands forward in this field and started earning the then handsome pay of Rs.1300. He sent half of it to his brother in the village. He was very diligent and matured since his childhood. During the peak seasons, he even worked till late nights just to avoid any pending work the next day.

He worked passionately in Surat where he earned a very good name. He was well recognized for his punctuality and discipline. Impressed by him, his senior advised him to leave to Mumbai as he could fetch plenty of jobs there, paying him worth his skills.

Giving his words a try, he left to Southern Mumbai in the year of 2009. He then made his living by washing cars and by running different errands. He also visited Juhu beach regularly and practiced gymnastics there. It was there when Tiger Shroff noticed such a young boy perform several difficult stunts and chose him as his personal trainer. Vikram was on the ninth cloud on hearing this news and started working with him right from the next day.

As time passed by, Tiger introduced him to many other friends of his including Shraddha, Suraj and Akshay Kumar. He then became quite popular in the industry which was like a “cherry on the cake”. Eventually, he also worked with the dance guru Sir Ahmed Khan in sir’s hit movies like Kick, Phantom, All Is Well and many more.

Vikram is one of the living entities symbolizing hard work and determination. He never worked for money or fame, rather worked being fully dedicated towards his job. He feels thankful to Tiger for “stepping into his life as a god” n changing his fortune drastically. He has now built a small house in his hometown and helped his brother study MBA in one of the best colleges in the country.You are the true hero sir and Kudos to you.!

He built a small house in his hometown and is helping his brother study MBA in one of the best colleges of the country.You are our true Hero sir. Kudos to you!!

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