Jammu & Kashmir policemen disguise as stone pelters to trap real culprits

In what was an iconic strategy that seemed straight out of a movie, Jammu & Kashmir policemen, on Friday, disguised themselves as stone pelters in a bid to catch the real culprits. As you can see in the picture below, an undercover cop was initially seen throwing stones at the security forces just to make sure that everything went according to the plan.

The same cop who was seen hurling stones quickly went close to the stone pelter and arrested him and others at that historic Jama Masjid downtown. It is cognisance of the fact the actual culprits have been constantly disrupting the normal life of the state causing a huge threat to the common people. It was good to see the policemen with a different strategy to put all this infamous stone pelting to a close.

(Credits: Hindustan Times via PTI Photo)

Following the Friday prayers, an angry mob started pelting stones at cops and CRPF personnel but there was no counter-attack initiated by the security forces. The crowd expanded to over 100 people when the two stone pelters sparked the agitation, the first tear gas shell was thrown at the mob separating them.

Much to the surprise of the two stone pelters, who were leading the mob, they were caught by the policemen red-handed and took them away in vehicles. The policemen, who disguised as stone pelters, used toy guns to scare others while the duo were immediately taken to the police station.

Confused by this move, the stone pelters had no other option left but to end the protest early today. In the process, they fell into the trap of the policemen. This is not the first time that this strategy is put to good effect as it was earlier implemented in 2010 when several other policemen were deployed in the mob in a bid to identify and arrest the stone pelters in the region.

(With PTI inputs)

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