These two youths are on mission to end all unemployment in India

Youths’ struggle, to get a dream job, is one of the biggest daunting challenges India is grappling with. Millions of students graduate from different varsities and colleges, yet they find no job. The scenario gets ugly when many youths go abroad to earn their degrees and when they come back home, they don’t get the job they wanted to. A 2014 report suggests that the number of unemployed people in the country rose to 48 million from 46 million in the previous year. Surprisingly in 1971, the number was only around 5.1 million. This reflects the gap being widening year after year. This is also one of the major reasons for providing an obstacle to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth rate of an economy.

It may be indicating that there are no jobs in the country. This is, in fact, not true at all. Going a step further, I would bring it to light that in many cases several firms get shut down owing to lack of workers. Firms often struggle to get appropriate manpower on time, even if they have a good budget for it. This problem occurs only due to the sharp and wide gap between employees and employers. Such an issue has to be fixed as soon as possible, if the country has to grow. But the question on your mind would be “how to bridge the gorge?”

Certainly this can only be sorted out by exploiting the technology we have right now. Two students, Vaila Sharma and Rahul Sharma from Amritsar appear to have read the pulse of the problem. They are now on a mission to provide jobs to upto 3 lakh youths in the country in next two years. Both are local to the city doing their study from different colleges, but together they have established an online portal where they will be able to make dreams come to for millions of unemployed youngsters in upcoming years. They aim at bringing the role of mediators to an end, who often charge a very high fee, plus they demand half a salary of the first month, before they provide provide jobs.

“If we succeed in our goal, we are pretty hopeful that we will be able to do away with consultancy panders in India”, says Vaila

Unlike websites like where mainly consultancies have registered an account and they offer jobs at a big price, will get the job seekers directly to the firms that need employees- hence you no longer need to pay any money to brokers. (However they have put a very small fee of just Rs.99 for their work/office maintenance. The fee will be valid for one year. In case, they don’t get a job suitable to them, will return their Rs.99

Furthermore, they also give an opportunity to interested candidates who possess some talent such as singing, dancing etc. to win a prize from the website. If you wish to visit their website, click here