IIT Roorkee students are using Jamun to produce cheap electricity, world scientists are amazed

Yes, the title you heard was true! Might as well seem impossible to believe but IIT Rourkee students are doing something unthinkable and unheard of the in the past. With our Indian government pledging to spend a lot more on solar energy, its probably apt to encourage new schemes that can bring in solar power at a cheaper rate.

Well, can Jamun be the protagonist in making cheaper solar cells? IIT Rourkee students reckon they can be and they’re working hard to bring it into usage.

Picture Source: NDTV

Turns out the pigmentation that appears in jamuns can easily be used as cheap photosensitisers in Dye Sensitised Solar Cells, according to scientists. Lead researcher Soumitra Satapathi, assistant professor at IIT Roorkee, has been quoted by Livemint as saying, ““The dark colour of jamun and abundance of jamun trees in IIT campus clicked the idea that it might be useful as a dye in the typical Dye Sensitised Solar Cells (DSSC).”

With the world in favor of sustainable development, solar energy is something that can never diminish for obvious reasons and it can be used to great effect to ensure life is possible on this planet for a longer period. Whilst the researchers across the globe are working out different methods to bring in any renewable and alternate sources of energy into play, IIT Roorkee students’ research is really commendable.

The reason solar panels made from jamuns will be less expensive is due to the fact natural pigments such as the ones occurring in jamuns are far more inexpensive that Ruthenium-based pigments that are generally used. Solar energy compared to other forms of energy is very expensive and to bring it into play, it requires a lot of spending.

But IIT Roorkee students’ method of using the pigments in Jamuns has raised thoughts on why not other fruits like fresh plums and black currant that contain similar pigmentation. Well, we might not a have a clear cut idea on the logistics of these things, but everyone can understand one thing in the story. If Solar energy needs to be used, a lot of money should be spent, but IIT Roorkee students say otherwise.

With most of the resources in our planet diminishing, the world definitely requires some new methods of energy generation to ensure survival is still possible. Sustainable development is quite an easy concept on paper but to materialize it requires a lot of dedication. Let’s hope these students’ research paves way for many more such innovative ideas and make life a lot more easier for commoners.

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