These youths run a business and donate their profits to the poor

Because we have been raised up in comparatively better society with better facilities, we always take it for granted that all humans grow up the same way. Nevertheless that is not the case everywhere in the country, there are villages where poor are living in extreme poverty that even if you visit the place from a distance, tears are bound to roll down from your eyes. People living there are deprived of very basic needs and the government & administration are exploiting their emotions in all possible ways. Many believe, if you want to see how people would live 2,000 years ago, try to visit these backward villages.


People just grieve the scenario, criticize the government or blame the country- but the question is- apart from criticism, what we do from our end to alter their life? The answer is perhaps ‘nothing’. Rarely anyone comes forward to help them on real ground. This story is about the Assamese students who are sacrificing their own lives to help these people.

Abhinov Gogoi and Rohit Saikia are doing a noble work that may prove to be an inspiration for many to help those who really need it. These students have started an online market portal called EthnoShopping where they sell only Indian made stuffs so that poor artisans may be benefitted from their initiative. Not only that, they also donate a big chunk of their profits to the poor and needy. Because of their online marketing, many poor artisans are nowearning something from their traditional occupations which had died owing to lack of demand of their products.


In a rather surprise move, they recently donated all their profits to the inhabitants of a village whose conditions made them very emotional. When they visited their village named Kawoimari Gaon (Dhemaji distict, Assam), they were really surprised to witness the pain people were experiencing. On their way, there was a wooden bridge across a river which was risky to move thereon. The village had no water supply, no electricity, no access to medical care and no road. There was a govt. school once in the village and a teacher was engaged in the school however he left the school because the village had no facilities a
nd allegedly told his officers that the school had no students. The residents accuse him of lying to his seniors as there are so many students still waiting for the teacher. Some students walk over 10km to reach their school. TheYouth requests readers to try to convey the complaint of the villagers about the teacher to concering officer or politician.


The two students had limited budget but they could not help spending their pocket money as well only to help the villagers. They established a hand pump for the villagers to get potable water, distributed Solar lamps so that they can light their homes at night and they also donated cash money to those who were elderly and could not earn their living.
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Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.