Pune Rickshaw driver returns bag containing cash and jewellery worth Rs 7 lakh to owner, let’s appreciate him for his honesty!

Taking other’s objects or property without their permission is called ‘Stealing’. In today’s world, we are hearing a lot of stories that a thief stole gold, money, bike, phone etc. But get ready to read a whole new story now.

A 60-year-old rickshaw driver proved that he is a man of integrity. He has done something great, which others should take note of. He set an example of honesty by returning a bag containing cash and jewellery totaling Rs 7 lakh to its rightful owner.

According to the police, on Wednesday, a couple had boarded the autorickshaw of Vitthal Mapare at Keshav Nagar and alighted at Hadapsar bus stand, leaving behind the bag.

“I moved ahead and went to BT Kawade road where I parked my vehicle to have tea. It is then that I noticed this bag lying on the back seat. I did not open it and took it to Ghorpadi chowky nearby and deposited it with sub-inspector Vijay Kadam there,” said Mapare narrating the whole incident.

Sub-inspector Kadam said, “On opening the bag as per procedure, we found gold ornaments weighing 11 tolas, Rs 20000 cash, all totaling Rs 7 lakh, and some clothes. We contacted Hadapsar police station as the couple had alighted there.”

Kadam further said, “Hadapsar police told us Mahboob and Shanaz Shaikh had already approached them with a missing bag complaint. The bag was handed over to them at Mundhwa police station and Mapare was felicitated by Deputy Commissioner of Police Suhas Bawche”.

Mapare, who has been pulling rickshaw for several years, is staying in a rented house and his son works in a private company.

People leaving their wallets, mobile phones, other important things and coming back later to collect them is quite common.

Apparently, Mapare came across a bag full of jewellery worth more than Rs 7 lakh. When he spotted expensive items, he didn’t do what everyone probably imagined he would. As soon as he got to know about the owner and honestly returned all their items.

Mapare is being widely praised for his honesty. He said he was happy with the praise that he was getting over the past two days and considered it his biggest reward in life.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.